Recertification & Continuing Education


Certifications are valid for two years.

If you do not meet the criteria for recertification, your certification will be temporarily suspended and charges will apply to activate your file.


  • Applicants must download and complete the recertification form.
  • Applicants must earn 16 continuing education credits every two years (1 hour = 1 credit). (For more information) 
  • Group fitness instructors with one to two specializations must provide proof of having led 50 hours of classes in the last two years.
  • Group fitness instructors with three to five specializations must provide proof of having led 75 hours of classes in the last two years.
  • Personal trainers must provide proof of having completed a minimum of 50 hours of instruction in the last two years.
  • Instructors must hold a valid Heartsaver® CPR AED with Child Module or with Child & Infant Modules.

ATTENTION: The Personal Trainer certification course has replaced the Individual Conditioning certification course. We’re currently in transition. The Individual Conditioning certification will no longer be renewable.

RECERTIFICATION PROCEDURES:Individual Conditioning certification to Personal Trainer certification.

Steps to upgrade to the Personal Trainer certification:

  1. Provide proof of your Individual Conditioning certification.
  2. Obtain sixteen continuing education credits, including the six-hour Personal Trainer gap course. (For more information) 
  3. The Personal Trainer gap course will cover:
    • critical thinking and the application of positive psychology in personal training
    • adopting and using the strength-based approach in all aspects of personal training
    • the incorporation of case studies in professional development
    • the client screening and evaluation process
    • an introduction to assessment of posture and basic movement screening
    • business practices for personal trainers
      Course participants will be provided the new Personal Trainer Manual.
  4. Pass the personal trainer theory exam within one month after the gap course completion. The minimum passing grade is 85%.
  5. Provide proof that you provided at least 50 hours of individual conditioning service over the past two years.
  6. Hold a valid Heartsaver CPR AED with Child Module or Child & Infant Modules.

If your certification is no longer valid

If your certification was last issued 2 to 5 years ago:  

  1. Provide proof of certification. 
  2. Schedule a Basic Theory exam (if applicable) and an Individual Conditioning Theory exam (if applicable) with the F.I.T. Program Coordinator . You must receive a passing grade of no less than 80%. Exam fees are $50 plus tax for each exam.
  3. Schedule a practical exam with a YMCA F.I.T. Trainer. Practical exam fee is $50 plus tax.
  4. Provide proof of valid Heartsaver® CPR AED with Child Module or with Child & Infant Modules.

If your certification was issued more than 5 years ago:

Your file will be closed. To renew your certification, you must complete the course again and pay the course fees in full.

Continuing Education Workshops

Recertification and updating certification

To maintain a valid certification, you must attend at least 16 hours of continuing education workshops over a two-year period. Two of these workshops, or six hours, must be taken from the YMCAs of Québec’s Continuing Education Workshop Calendar.

Important note: Workshops, certifications or Fitness conferences exceeding 6 hours, will be recognized for 6 hours maximum toward the 16 continuing education credits required for recertification. (For more information)

Continuing Education Credit Equivalency Program

For more information on our continuing education credit equivalency program, please consult this document.